Monday, October 28, 2013

Teach Anti-Bullying Founder Dr. Claudio Cerullo to Receive Philadelphia 76ers “Heroes Among Us” Award November 20 at Wells Fargo Center

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – October 28, 2013 -- Claudio V. Cerullo, Ph.D., the founder and President of Teach Anti-Bullying, a Philadelphia-based national non-profit foundation, will receive the Philadelphia 76ers “Heroes Among Us” Award for 2013, at a special ceremony on Wednesday, November 20th at the Wells Fargo Center during the Sixers game against the Toronto Raptors.

The award was introduced today as a part of SIXERS STRONG, the team’s new wide-ranging community outreach program for the 2013-14 season and beyond, which will exclusively focus the Sixers charitable efforts on improving the life trajectory of children throughout the Philadelphia region.

The Sixers “Heroes Among Us” award is given out to one recipient each year within the Philadelphia-area that has made a positive impact upon children and adults within their community.       

Cerullo launched Teach Anti-Bullying in November 2011.  The organization is dedicated to working with educators and parents on the bullying crisis in the classroom and our communities. Teach Anti-Bullying works to raise awareness and support, while encouraging the collaboration of all stakeholders – children, educators, parents, community leaders, law enforcement, and local, state and federal legislators – in the pro-active intervention against bullying as well as the prevention of bullying. 

In the first two years of Teach Anti-Bullying’s existence, the organization has made over four dozen presentations to over 2,000 parents, over 2,000 educators and professionals, and over 5,000 students in events in the Greater Philadelphia Region and beyond. 

Teach Anti-Bullying’s services include school assemblies, workshops, conferences and speaking engagements; advocacy; program development and implementation; policy development and implementation; victimization support services; bullying in the workplace programs; online support for children and families; and expert witness for anti-bullying court cases.

Dr. Cerullo brings over 20 years of professional experience in education to Teach Anti-Bullying.  He has been extremely active in addressing the great need for anti-bullying awareness, and prevention, nationwide, as a result of parents asking him to help students that are being impacted academically, socially and emotionally by this silent threat.  Prior to founding Teach Anti-Bullying, Dr. Cerullo began his career in education with six years of teaching in Social Science Education.  His career has included positions as a school principal (kindergarten through eighth grade); Director of Early Childhood Education; Assistant Middle School Academic vice Principal; Assistant High School vice Principal and Director of Athletics; and Interim Secondary Charter School Principal.  Internationally recognized as an expert on the subject of Anti-Bullying, Dr. Cerullo has provided many workshops on issues regarding Classroom Management, Student Behavior Modification, Character Education, and School Violence Prevention programs K-12.  He is interviewed regularly by media outlets on the subject of Bullying and Anti-Bullying, and is a gifted public speaker on this topic of extreme interest to parents, educators and legislators.  He has written numerous articles and books on the subject, and has lectured at many local, state, and regional education forums and conferences.

Additional information about Dr. Cerullo, and Teach Anti-Bullying, is available online at