Monday, February 11, 2013

MediaMark Spotlight's Business Development Expertise Helps American Technical Consultants Boost Revenues by Over 28 Percent in One Year

Philadelphia, PA - February 11, 2013- MediaMark Spotlight, a leading team of marketing professionals, has been retained by American Technical Consultants [ATC] for new business development.  ATC provides validation services for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device and OTC manufacturers sectors.

ATC's revenue increased by 28.5 percent in one year, due to the ongoing business development of MediaMark Spotlight, and the expertise of its principal and Chief Executive Officer Gina Ferraro, culled from 30 years' experience running her own Marketing and Business Development company.

"I believed strategic marketing was necessary to grow ATC, and knew Gina from our work together with a local non-profit," said Cynthia Kura, President of American Technical Consultants.  "ATC provides compliance support for life sciences companies - one of a few organizations that provides customized support for clients' needs.  This unique approach requires specialized business development. The team at MediaMark has personal contacts and industry relationships ATC needs to build our pipeline, making MediaMark the optimal choice for support."

MediaMark Spotlight works closely with ATC in determining the company's business development goals, plans and immediate objectives. 

"Clients are looking for return on investment (ROI) and outstanding customer service," Kura said.  "Marketing and business development are critical components of that effort.  MediaMark Spotlight's relationships and succinct plan have reduced ATC's resources and timeline previously required to close deals.  As a result of MediaMark Spotlight's efforts, ATC's pipeline has experienced 28.5 percent growth - in spite of the economy."

MediaMark Spotlight's work with American Technical Consultants includes developing new customer acquisition channels and introductions to key industry leaders and groups. Ferraro and the MediaMark Spotlight team have also selected conferences and trade shows for ATC while developing new talent acquisition.

"MediaMark understood ATC's business challenges, while quickly determining effective action," Kura said.  "Marketing assistance includes avoiding a presence on Facebook while creating special professional content pages on LinkedIn; both of which assisted ATC's growth through increased and appropriate internet targeting.   MediaMark Spotlight's greatest contribution is customizing a situational response with both organizations sharing information and ideas.  The result -- sustainable growth."

ATC's new LinkedIn page will launch shortly; featuring content created by MediaMark Spotlight aimed at serving the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical devices and over-the-counter health industries.

About ATC:
Established in 1993 as a regulatory support and technical training organization, ATC is women-owned and operated. ATC provides services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, medical device, OTC, and specialty chemical industries. The company's operations have expanded globally to provide regulatory compliance support solutions addressing all aspects of validation and compliance.  Additional information is available at

About Media Mark Spotlight:
MediaMark Spotlight captures a company's brand so they can capture an audience. MediaMark Spotlight offers a wide variety of marketing services, from digital and web-based to traditional and face-to-face. MediaMark Spotlight's diverse team is a mix of seasoned professionals and hungry young talent. Each project is assigned a specific team of experts. The firm specializes in promotional items, branding, logo conception and graphic design, website development, search engine optimization, Internet marketing, business development, video production, social media and e-commerce.  MediaMark Spotlight is also a leader in digital marketing, online stores, and content development for Web and print. The company's clients have included:  Amtrak; Comcast; The Castle Group, Pellenova Cosmetics, Fearnet, American Technical Consultants, McGraw Hill, Body-Borneman Insurance, and The Wedge Medical Center. For additional information, visit the company's website at