Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Holiday Stress Showing Up on Your Skin? dmSkincare Has Natural Solutions For You

Lenni, Pennsylvania – November 27, 2013 – The stress of the holiday season sometimes shows up on our skin, according to noted nutritionist Ginger Hodulik. 

“There are a number of nutritional and skincare interventions that can help you quickly improve your skin, your appearance and your health, and deal with holiday stress in a healthy and natural way,” said Hodulik.

Ginger Hodulik
“This is a very special time of year for many of us, a time to spend time with friends and family.  I know for me  it’s the one time each year that I get  to see family from certain branches of my family tree and I want to look and feel my best,” Hodulik said.  “Keeping our whole-istic approach in mind, here are some fast and easy ways to prepare for and enjoy your holiday celebrations.”

First, Hodulik recommends “thoughtful exfoliation” to brighten your skin.

“Our skin is a dynamic organ which replaces itself on a regular basis.  In fact, the skin completely regenerates every 27 days,” she noted.  “The top layer of the skin, the epidermis, is made up of dead skin cells that shed every two weeks.   By practicing regular exfoliation, you can encourage the process to move more quickly, stimulate new collagen formation and also allow for better penetration of topical nutrients designed to support new, healthy skin cell formation.”

One of the methods Hodulik, the Vice President for Research and Development at DermaMed Solutions (a Greater Philadelphia Region company) is microdermabrasion, performed by a licensed professional.  

“A microderm can be done during your lunch hour and provides a nice exfoliation, without any downtime,” said Hodulik.  “You can apply mineral sunscreen and makeup right afterwards and go back to work looking bright, refreshed, glowing.  Most regular microderm ‘junkies’ opt for monthly treatments, but you can try it just for a special occasion or holiday and you will see what a difference it makes in your skin tone, 

“In between spa treatments, part of your home regimen should include the use of an enzymatic, botanical exfoliator is for a healthy glow without over stimulating or damaging the skin through over exfoliation.  For example, our dmSkincare retinyl enzyme treatment leaves the skin feeling amazingly smooth – like a fine polish, and is gentle enough for weekly use.”

Hodulik also spoke of the importance of nutrition.  “Savor your meal,” she said.  “We all know that feeling after the meal is over, when our belts are bulging, we feel a little gassy and lethargic.  You can enjoy the meal without ending up in a food induced coma.

“By all means, eat all the foods you love, but take just a small amount of each.   Take your time and really chew each bite slowly, tasting all of the wonderful flavors.  The faster you eat, the more you eat,” continued Hodulik.  “I say skip the roll with butter - you can have that anytime.  Instead, fill half of your plate with vegetables, one quarter with turkey and one quarter with something starchy like potatoes or stuffing.    And practice mindful eating.  Sip water between bites.  Put your fork down between bites while you chew.  Taste and feel the texture of the food.  Slow down and look around the table at the people with you and enjoy them. The food is the ‘cherry on the top.’  The faces around the table are what matters.”

Hodulik is passionate about the role of nutrition in skincare and general healthiness, and since acquiring DermaMed Solutions in 2011; she and her colleagues have been transforming it into a company that delivers a “whole-istic” approach that encompasses mechanical treatments, topical skincare, and wellness elements. Hodulik feels strongly that using only one of these aspects does not achieve lasting results, and that an integrated approach is the key to long-term healthy skin.

“After a holiday meal, you need to get moving, “said Hodulik.  “No matter how tempting it is to sit on the couch and nap after the meal and clean -up are over, move instead.  Everyone has their own preferences. Maybe throwing a football around in the backyard, a walk around the block, even some group Wii Fit games.  Pick something you love and move your body.  This will facilitate digestion and leave you feeling so much more comfortable. 

“And by all means, be thankful and grateful for your family and friends.  This seems so simple, but is actually documented by hordes of scientific research.  People who view life as a gift and live life with an attitude of gratitude experience better physical and emotional health. “

Hodulik earned her BS degree in Foods and Nutrition, as well as her Master’s degree in Nutrition, from the College of Saint Elizabeth (Convent Station, New Jersey).  She also holds a Certified Nutrition Specialist designation from the American College of Nutrition. Her professional affiliations include the American College of Nutrition, the Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists, the American Nutrition Association, the Alliance for Natural Health USA, and the Center for Nutrition Advocacy.  She also serves on the Legislative Outreach Committee for the Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists. 

A popular public speaker on a variety of nutrition topics, Hodulik has presented to a variety of organizations nationally over the past few years.  Her subjects have included nutrition for healthy skin; natural skincare products; wellness program engagement strategies; health coaching; behavior change strategy; the critical role of vitamin D in health and cancer prevention; and nutrition for women (particularly during peri-menopause and menopause).

About dmSkincare:
dmSkincare is a clean, clinical skincare product line created by DermaMed Solutions (a Greater Philadelphia region company), to support and enhance microdermabrasion and other mechanical treatments. dmSkincare delivers a “whole-istic” approach to skincare, with a complete professional and retail line comprised of nutritious, botanically-based products formulated to support healthy skin without exposing the user  to unnecessary harmful chemicals. Many active ingredients in dmSkincare’s products are obtained from botanicals and are blended to create highly effective anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and skin protective benefits.  dmSkincare products are paraben, phthalate, sulfate, gluten, BPA and petroleum free, with no artificial fragrance or colors.  dmSkincare products are available primarily at salons, spas and other skincare professionals. Call DermaMed Solutions at 610-358-4447 or visit their website at to locate skincare professionals that offer dmSkincare products.

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