Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Greenbrier Family YMCA in Chesapeake, Virginia Leads the Way to Engage & Build Members with the Expresso Bike from Interactive Fitness

Chesapeake, Virginia – June 19, 2013 – At the Greenbrier Family YMCA in Chesapeake, Virginia, the two Expresso Bikes from Interactive Fitness at the facility weren’t enough to keep up with demand, and they added a third Expresso Bike to their program in April.

“I’ve been with the Y for the past 19 years, but I started here at Greenbrier Family YMCA on January 2, 2013,” said Lionel Bacon, District Vice President, YMCA of South Hampton Roads and Director of the Greenbrier Family YMCA (pictured at left).  “I had never even seen the Expresso Bike before I started here, but I got on one that first day, just to try it out.  I’m a very competitive person, I played NCAA Division I Basketball (at VCU), I’m also very competitive with myself, and on the Expresso Bike I can compete every day, I can compete against others around the world and against myself.

“When I started out, my goal was to ride 500 miles by my 45th birthday (May 30th), but I got to 500 faster than I thought, then I moved my goal to 750 miles, and I ended up doing 1,000 miles in five months on the Expresso Bike, including 336 miles in the final month, and 70 miles on the 28th and 29th of May.  Other riders here at our Y refer to me as a ‘Beast’ on the bike,” Bacon said.  “They say I’ve started a little ‘cult’ around the Expresso Bike here at Greenbrier Family Y, explaining to so many people how it works, why it works, and why I’m such an avid fan.”

The Expresso Bike from Interactive Fitness is an exciting new way to engage members of all ages, including youth and active older adults, enabling them to meet their health and wellness goals while also enabling the Y’s to increase program participation, especially with the Team Cardio monthly “turn-key” program.

“When I got here in January, we had two Expresso Bikes, we recently added a third about two months ago due to their popularity now that members know what they can do on it.  We could have added a fourth if we had the space,” said Bacon.  “Our YMCA has led every league for our association since I started on the bike and explained it to others.  Our Expresso Bike users range in age from about 28 to about 45 years of age right now.   We’ve got a core group of people here who are avid riders of the Expresso Bike.  The word-of-mouth is the reason why we added a third Expresso Bike.”

Y members, like those at the Greenbrier Family Y who ride the Expresso Bike, are actively engaged with an on-line ID and profile, enabling them to sustain their exercise routine longer, and this data is available through our online resources to each participating Y.  Interactive Fitness data simultaneously presents a member engagement opportunity for Y staff to interact with their members and personally create a members’ on-line profile, recruiting them to ride for their Y team in the monthly Top 100.

And with word-of-mouth a key to building and recruiting new members, especially in the “Generation Y” or “Millennial” demographic, the social media integration and monthly challenges on the Expresso Bike from Interactive Fitness gives Y programs a new way to build a social media member referral campaign, with real-time challenges and ride-shares on Facebook and Twitter.  In addition, the Expresso Bike from Interactive Fitness gives Y programs a way to improve their technology as well as their online presence, with eLive Internet package and on-line monthly programming from Interactive Fitness. They offer a unique set of on-line tools to directly increase your technology and your online presence.

 “Our members like how they can track their results, track their routes, and pace themselves and compete against their fellow members here, and riders around the world,” Bacon said.  “Some of the things I like about the Expresso Bike are that I can compete against my best time on each route, and set a new personal best.  I can see every route I’ve done since January 2nd, if I rode, how many calories I’ve burned, all that information is at my fingertips. Since January, I can tell you I’ve burned 47,414 calories, and rode 1,049 miles.  Anyone who rides the Expresso Bike, and logs in to their personal account, can do this.  My average is just over 200 miles every four weeks, and approximately 6,700 calories a month. This information is available to anyone. I can ride a route and compare my time on that route to men my age around the world, or people in South Hampton Roads, or even here in my Y.

“I’ve become a true believer,” added Bacon.  “I would absolutely recommend the Expresso Bike to any Y director. But you just can’t buy it and put it on the floor. You have to have your staff there to demonstrate it to members, get them to give it a try. You don’t just get on the Expresso Bike and start pedaling. You actually have to steer, shift gears. You know where your pacer is, and your ghost, and you compete against them.

The Team Cardio program, as well as the full line of products including the new Expresso HD Bike from Interactive Fitness, will be on display in Booth #235 at the 2013 General Assembly of YMCA’s Conference and Exhibition, Thursday, July 18th and Friday, July 19th at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

Well beyond a stationary bike, the Expresso Bike from Interactive Fitness is the one product that does it all.  It enables riders to experience full virtual reality, as they ride through over 40 different “worlds,” ranging from a one-mile speed course to a 20-mile mountain climb.  And it replaces “cardio isolation” by keeping the riders “social” -- every Expresso Bike is connected via the Internet, enabling riders to share their rides, and compete “virtually” with riders in other locations around the country, instantly.  The Expresso Bike features state-of-the-art electronics and features designed to stimulate the mind as well as the body, and enable riders in one location to virtually race against another rider or group of riders in another location.  These “Virtual Races” are stored and remembered, tracking progress automatically as the rider becomes stronger and healthier. 

For additional information on the Expresso Bike from Interactive Fitness, visit http://www.Expresso.com/YMCA.