Tuesday, February 5, 2013

ISMPP Announces Reduced Membership and Certification Exam Fees for Publication Professionals from Asia-Pacific Region and World-Bank Designated Lower Income Countries

Briarcliff Manor, NY -- February 5, 2013 -- In an effort to expand access to ISMPP membership, educational and certification opportunities across the globe, ISMPP's Board of Trustees (BOT) has approved a new Associate Membership category at the reduced fee of $95USD. In addition, the ISMPP Certification Board has approved a reduction by $150USD in the ISMPP Certified Medical Publication Professional (ISMPP CMPP™) examination application fee. Both resolutions apply to qualified publication professionals in the Asia-Pacific region and lower income countries.

The Asia-Pacific region is emerging as a significant publication hub, and a top priority for ISMPP is providing improved educational outreach to this area. Because of extreme time differences, attendance at ISMPP U webinars, as well as the Annual and European Meetings, can be difficult. Other evolving regions, such as Latin America, comprise a number of countries identified by the World Bank as low- or lower middle-income economies. For professionals in these lower income countries, the full price of ISMPP membership and the ISMPP CMPP™ certification can be prohibitive.

According to ISMPP Asia Pacific BOT Trustee and Director and Chair of ISMPP’s Asia-Pacific Advisory Committee (APAC) Karen Woolley, “The need for publication professionals in the Asia-Pacific region and lower income countries is intensifying, but the availability of experienced professionals is still limited. The culturally sensitive and financially considerate decision from ISMPP to reduce fees for those in these regions is most welcome. I believe ISMPP’s pioneering (and very practical) move on fees and the efforts made to offer regionally relevant education will help attract and educate the talented people we need to build our profession in the region across the globe.”

ISMPP’s first APAC ISMPP U, presented this past October and discussing the application of ethical medical publication practices as described in GPP2, was well attended and warmly received, providing further evidence of the need for enhanced educational options and for awareness of good publication standards and practices among the region's professionals.

The BOT and the Certification Board passed these resolutions to address these considerations and make ISMPP’s programs more accessible to these underserved regions. ISMPP’s anticipation is that the lower Associate Membership and exam fees will allow more publication professionals to become ISMPP members and obtain the ISMPP CMPP™ credential.

Associate Members may register for the Annual and European Meetings as well as attend ISMPP U presentations via web access, but are not eligible to vote or to hold elected or appointed board positions. The reduced fee for the ISMPP CMPP™ exam applies to both ISMPP members and nonmembers, and can be used toward either initial certification or recertification. The new fee does not apply retroactively or to exams retaken in the event of failure.

To ensure that the database of eligible participants remains current, lists of low- and lower middle-income countries as designated by the World Bank will be reviewed annually. ISMPP’s Certification Board will review the need for this special consideration annually.

For information on ISMPP and becoming member, visit http://www.ismpp.org/join

To find out more about the ISMPP CMPP™ certification program, visit: http://www.ismpp.org/overviewThe next ISMPP CMPPTM exam cycle will take place in March 2013. Applications must be submitted by February 15th.

SOURCE: International Society of Medical Publication Professionals

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