Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Young & Witty Ben Franklin Celebrates His 307th Birthday Today, January 17th

Philadelphia, PA – January 17, 2013 – Today may be his 307th birthday (historically), but the young and witty Ben Franklin (as portrayed by actor and entrepreneur Rob DeVitis) is busier – and more vital – than ever, with scores of appearances in the historic city of Philadelphia – where he first came to prominence all those years ago – as well as beyond the region. 

The young and witty Ben Franklin has earned accolades for his appearances at a number of high-profile public and private events over the past 12 months. 

“Even though everyone thinks I’m 307 years old, when people meet me today, they realize I’m still young and witty,” noted Franklin (or is it DeVitis?).  “I’m happy to celebrate my birthday, but I hope everyone knows I’m still here, better than ever!”

Historically, today is Ben Franklin’s 307th birthday.  Born on January 17, 1706 in Boston, Franklin moved to Philadelphia in his youth, and quickly became Philadelphia’s favorite son, a scientist, statesman, and entrepreneur, Franklin was a true renaissance man and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.

Among his many recent activities, the young and witty Ben Franklin has:
·         Appeared at Bemidji State University in Minnesota to celebrate Constitution Day (September 17th). 
·         Greeted participants at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter) Light the Night Walk at the Philadelphia Museum of Art on Saturday, October 27th.
·         Appeared on billboards and other advertising in the Greater Philadelphia region promoting the 16th Annual March of Dimes Signature Chefs Gala Presented by Lincoln Financial Group, which was held on November 16th at the Please Touch Museum. 

In addition, the young and witty Ben Franklin is a Preferred Vendor of the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau, which enables him to provide additional resources to conventions, groups, and meetings planning to hold events in the Philadelphia area.

The young and witty Ben Franklin also offers “A Walk with Ben,” available by advanced reservation for group tours.  “A Walk with Ben” is a new walking tour with the young and witty Ben Franklin along with the best tour guides in Philadelphia, throughout the historic Old City Philadelphia district. It’s the only tour in Philadelphia where you can be accompanied by the young and witty Ben Franklin. 

As portrayed by DeVitis, the young and witty Ben Franklin is not a staid and stuffy historical figure dusted off for bored schoolchildren to pass along the way, more than the face on a $100 bill, Franklin is an engaging and thoughtful figure who was not only a statesman but an inventor, a musician, a writer, a printer, founder of the post office and the library.  Franklin was a multi-talented sensation of Philadelphia in the 18th Century who has come back to live in the 21st Century to share his experiences as one of the sensations of the age.

The young and witty Ben Franklin can be found online, at, where he can be invited (for a modest fee) to attend your special events, either in the City of Philadelphia, or in areas surrounding William Penn’s Green Country Towne.  The young and witty Ben Franklin is a gifted raconteur who can speak to any and all groups on topics including American history, Philadelphia history, and the life that earned him the title “The First American.”

For additional information about the young and witty Ben Franklin, including rates and availability, visit The young and witty Ben Franklin is also on Facebook at

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