Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Teach Anti-Bullying, National Non-profit Dedicated to Guiding Parents & Educators on Bullying Issues, Speaks in Support of Pennsylvania Safe Schools Act in Harrisburg Today

Harrisburg, PA – January 23, 2013 – Teach Anti-Bullying, the Philadelphia-based national non-profit organization dedicated to working with educators and parents on the bullying crisis in our communities, will speak out on behalf of the PASS (Pennsylvania Safe Schools) Act at a press conference today (Wednesday, January 23rd) in the Capitol Media Center in the Capitol Complex in Harrisburg at 10 a.m.
Rep. Dan Truitt (R-Chester) will be joined in the Capitol by concerned Pennsylvania students and teachers, including Teach Anti-Bullying’s founder and President, Claudio Cerullo, Ph.D. 

Truitt’s bill, introduced this morning, would create an online database run by the Department of Education, where school districts would report incidents of bullying. The database would create a deadline for investigations and would generate reports and send email updates to school and state officials. Known as the PASS (Pennsylvania Safe Schools) Act, the bill would also mandate all teachers take an online bullying prevention training program every five years. 

“Bullying should never be considered a normal part of childhood,” Truitt said. “Bullies rob their victims of some of the joys of childhood. Years later, the bullies look back and recall ‘youthful indiscretions’ with a little laugh and maybe a little remorse. Their victims look back with pain, sadness, and sometimes a bit of anger.”

In support of Truitt’s bill, Cerullo will be joined by Jason Goodman, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Student Equality Coalition, and Barbara Whitman, Customer Relations Director of Bullying Prevention Training Masters.

“The PASS Act is critical in that it fosters continuing education in a specific area of need which will give rise to a better understanding of the current epidemic, which is bullying,” said Cerullo. “Secondly, teachers will have professional educational development, which is critical to the knowledge base of the topic of bullying. 

“All of us have become acutely aware of violence in schools in the very recent past, and we believe that the PASS Act will bring greater accountability, reporting, awareness and education to the Commonwealth, as together we work towards ending the bullying epidemic locally, regionally, and nationally,” Cerullo said.
Launched in November 2011 by Cerullo and a group of concerned parents and educators, Teach Anti-Bullying works to raise awareness and support, while encouraging the collaboration of all stakeholders – children, educators, parents, community leaders, law enforcement, and local, state and federal legislators – in the pro-active intervention against bullying as well as the prevention of bullying. 

Cerullo brings over 20 years of professional experience in education to Teach Anti-Bullying.  He has been extremely active in addressing the great need for anti-bullying awareness, and prevention, nationwide, as a result of parents asking him to help students that are being impacted academically, socially and emotionally by this silent threat.  Prior to founding Teach Anti-Bullying, Cerullo began his career in education with six years of teaching in Social Science Education.  His career has included positions as a school principal (kindergarten through eighth grade); Director of Early Childhood Education; Assistant Middle School Academic vice Principal; Assistant High School vice Principal and Director of Athletics; and Interim Secondary Charter School Principal.  Internationally recognized as an expert on the subject of Anti-Bullying, Cerullo has provided many workshops on issues regarding Classroom Management, Student Behavior Modification, Character Education, and School Violence Prevention programs K-12.  He is interviewed regularly by media outlets on the subject of Bullying and Anti-Bullying, and is a gifted public speaker on this topic of extreme interest to parents, educators and legislators.  He has written numerous articles and books on the subject, and has lectured at many local, state, and regional education forums and conferences.  Cerullo delivered the keynote address at the State of Louisiana’s first Anti-Bullying Conference in 2012. 

Additional information about Teach Anti-Bullying is available at http://www.TeachAntiBullying.com. Additional information about the PASS Act is available at http://pasafeschoolsact.com.

Media Contacts: 
David Foster (Rep. Dan Truitt/156th District), 267-207-0207, dfoster@pahousegop.com
Jim DeLorenzo (Teach Anti-Bullying), 215-266-5943, jim@jhdenterprises.com